“I am passionate about the colour of the Australian Landscape”
Rhonda Campbell

Rhonda graduated from the National Art School & Alexander Mackie College in Sydney, Australia. She then taught art in Australia & later design in London. Her career took a complete change & the next 25 years were spent in Fashion & Design.

Since retiring in 2000 Rhonda has taken up the paint brush again. She draws significant influence from her travels, in Outback Australia, also Europe & Asia. With an interest in colour, texture & mark making Rhonda’s works are built up with multiple layers, often scratching back those layers, particularly when working in oil, pigment & cold wax. She loves the spontaneity & “happy accidents” which occur when working in this way.

Rhonda has more recently taken a new direction in Abstraction – a memory of her subject (landscape or still life). Even though abstracted, the works often retain an echo of that subject.

She says, “many ideas & images pass through my mind as I paint but nothing else exists when I do, I’m totally absorbed in my work”

Rhonda hopes you can travel with her & share her memories.  Artist Profile

About my printmaking

I spent many years learning the “rules” about composition, colour & technique and I thank my lucky stars I did.

I like to experiment and explore, using that knowledge,trying to discover new things.

I am drawn to techniques in printmaking, especially collagraphs, monoprints & embossing.

I wish to achieve a sense of exploration in my printmaking,using simple graphic elements as drawing,rubbing,scratching,smudging, etching & embossing, working in a very intuitive way not knowing what the outcome may be. The process involves searching a balance between spontaneous & deliberate.

Recently my explorations have taken a sculptural approach with a combination of paper Clay & prints…..assemblages.

Once a month a group of like minded artists have been working together in the studio in Stuart Town with printmaker, Tim Winters

Not only have we learned new techniques but also been able to further develop our own personal explorations & share knowledge & ideas.

Landscape Assemblage..Monotype, Screenprint, Collage, Paper Clay