Another Day or two on the Turps!!!

Rhonda Campbell's experiments using these mediums
I have spent the last two days experimenting with my oils,oil sticks,cold wax & pigments.I have been using a Birch Board Base.

I have added Wire & in the second, Bone as well, giving a third dimension. Really I suppose these could almost be classified as Installations or Assemblages!!!

Again my inspiration has come from my travels to the Australian Bush(Outback).With the very rich,earthy colours we find there.

I have sratched & scraped theOil,oil sticks,Cold Wax & Pigments on Birch Board With Bone & Wire 61x61cms paint thus creating the textures.I am waiting for them to dry…

I still have some work to do!!!


  1. says

    These beautiful works certainly reflect the landscape you describe.
    Love how you have worked and scraped at the colours layed down.
    Wire and bone add dimension to your ideas.
    Look forward to seeing where you go from here ( :
    Well done Rhonda!!

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