‘I love colour, texture and the effect of light and dark; no matter the medium. Select a style to view my painting works” Rhonda Campbell


WATTLE Acrylic 91.5x91.5 cms(Unframed) $2250


“My new direction. My paintings are my handwriting, my mark making.” Rhonda Campbell  

TERMITE MOUNDS-Acrylic46x46cms(unframed)$550


“The landscape belongs to the person who looks at it.” R.W.Emerson  

THAT BLUE JUG Acrylic 96x96cms (Framed in box frame)Available @ The Moree Gallery SOLD

Still Life

“My destination is always the same but I work out a different route to get there” Henri Matisse   “My journey with still life is all about the experiment & the exploration” – Rhonda Campbell