Scribbly gums found in the Australian bush,(landscape) They have grey?white trunks with iconic markings...intriguing to any artist.This is an Exhibition of established & emerging artists who reside in  the 2800 postcode.The exhibition is at the Orange Regional Gallery from Friday4th March until 28th March 2016. Opening of Exhibition by the Mayor of Orange,Cr.John Davis OAM.An Ancient dialect written in the trees...these Australian gums Seen in the Australian landscape fascinating & intriguing,especially to artists. “SCRIBBLY GUMS”… an Ancient dialect written in the trees, painted in acrylic is 92x92cms (Unframed).

The iconic “scribbles” on the smooth grey/white trunks of these Australian gum trees have fascinated & intrigued me,particularly as an artist.

These “scribbles”seem like an ancient dialect written in the trees.The markings are supposedly formed by a moth, on the trunks…..are they telling us their lifes story????It makes for great mark making.My intention is to do a series of works based on these markings…both in my painting & in  my printmaking.




  1. Rhonda Campbell says

    Thank you..I’m glad I could help you.I’m not very good at writing on a regular basis.

  2. says

    Hi Rhonda, As mentioned I’m reopening the ‘Pop- Up’ art space on 2nd. August with the assistance of Eleanor Edmuston (formerly Billings) and I’m developing a new web site www. Australian Contemporary Art (ACA) the same initials as A Colourcity Apartments) with profiles of all the artists. I have copied your profile and Loretta’s from your individual web sites. I asked Loretta and Larissa for their guidance and I would appreciate your guidance also. As discussed with you on reopening the commission will have to be 33%. As you know the reasons that I had to close the art space I will not bore you with my health details. I look forward to your co-operation now and in the future. I think I mentioned to you I would like to have one exhibition in February during the Banjo Patinson festival to raise fund for cancer research and in memory of Helen. I also hope to have 2-3 special exhibitions through the year. We will open between 10,00am – 4.00pm on Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday and Saturday morning and at other times by appointment. I also think I should only hang paintings for a 12 week – 16 week stretch then change the exhibition ( Paintings could be re-shown also) What are your thoughts? Regards
    peter Locke

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